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    New product


    Seeker MX appearance


    Unfollowable, Individual World.

    2 piece version of GranSeeker DMX. Fusion of old school x contemporary design.

    WORK classic 10 cross mesh design (center part) with 10 directional trendy spokes (outer part).

    Fusion of standard and trending designs with old school flavor.

    MX stands for
    X = XROSS (= MESH)
    Classic 10-cross mesh( center part)+ ten directional spoke( outer part) explain how they're named.

    イメージ畫像Color name: Cut clear (MSP)
    Size: 18inch 8.5J +42 5H-114.3
    With standard center cap

    イメージ畫像Color name: Matte black (MBL)
    Size: 18inch 8.5J +42 5H-114.3
    Matte black center cap (can be changed free of charge when ordering)

    イメージ畫像Dimples are inserted horizontally between cosmetic bolts to make the spoke look directional and look with three-dimensional effect. A lot of detailed modeling is reminiscent of a very complex design.

    イメージ畫像A composite design separates the inner mesh area and the outer ring.
    The mesh design with many cross section is proof of the old school design.

    イメージ畫像The intersection of the mesh part is divided into large and small in order to make the number of intersections within the small diameter large and to make it elaborated.
    PCD holes seat as low as possible to enhance three-dimensional look.
    You can select matt black center cap with no extra cost.
    The newly set WORK logo center cap is also available as an option. (See below)

    イメージ畫像The center cap can be changed as an option.

    No extra charge for a choice of matt black center cap.
    Retail price for W logo silver cap (ESS)= +4,400 yen/each
    Retail price for Black / W logo and Red / W logo= ¥3,300/each.
    Retail price for Copper clear center cap= +2,200 yen / each sold with a combination of Cooper color center finish.

    The following settings are available as options.

    イメージ畫像Buff alumite rim (standard setting)

    イメージ畫像COP: Rim Arrange
    Cut anodized rim

    イメージ畫像COP: Rim Arrange
    Bronze anodized rim

    イメージ畫像COP: Rim Arrange
    Matte bronze anodized rim

    イメージ畫像COP: Rim Arrange
    Black anodized rim

    イメージ畫像COP: Rim Arrange
    Matte black anodized rim

    イメージ畫像COP: Rim Arrange
    Brushed rim

    イメージ畫像Custom order plan: Semi-order color
    Disk color can be selected from 12 different colors.

    Click here for semi-order color option.

    イメージ畫像Center disk= 6 colorism and 5 colorism clear is available.

    Click here for colorism option.

    イメージ畫像Colorism clear
    Silver clear red (MCR)

    イメージ畫像Colorism clear
    Silver clear blue (MCB)

    イメージ畫像Colorism clear
    Trans Gray Polish (TGP)

    イメージ畫像Colorism clear
    Copper clear (MCC2) +
    Copper clear center cap

    イメージ畫像Colorism clear
    Imperial Gold (IPG)
    The center cap is standard gold.

    イメージ畫像PCD range: 4H-98 ~ 100, 5H-98 ~ 120.65
    Price: 6,600 yen/each

    イメージ畫像[Above] 18 inch 7.5J inset +50 (A-Disk) rim depth 44mm
    [Bottom] 18 inch 9.0J inset +38 (A-Disk) rim depth 75mm

    The face will not poke out from the outer rim flange even the rim depth is 44mm (narrowest outer rim).
    If the rim depth is 75mm, it will be able to shine from the upper rim of the step rim.







    Product information is here

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